It’s Monday (again)

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling alright? After having a three-day weekend (which means a four-day workweek), getting back into the groove of “normal” can be difficult. How do you prepare for your work week? I often find myself prepping for the week on Sunday, which really makes me feel like I have only one true off day. But even with that one day, I have been maximizing my time. It is my sleep-in day, it is my reading day and this past weekend it was my kid-free day. I have been a mother for eleven years and three of those years I was a single mother. Everywhere I went, my son was right behind me. While I love being a mother, I realized I am my absolute best self when I can go somewhere and gather my thoughts. Somewhere I can laugh and just be myself. If you are a mother (and even if you’re not), I am challenging you to pick at least one day a week you get to be fully you- nixing the titles. Even if it’s just for a few minutes figure out a way to incorporate some me-time into your week. You deserve!

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