I am only human

Hello Love,

I’ve waited to say my piece about Sha’Carri Richardson, so I could see the outcome of the decision for her Olympic hopes. Unfortunately, she was not picked up to represent the US in either division. While I appreciate and appreciated seeing her compete I noticed that her competitive style rubbed some individuals the wrong way. Which is always a bit weird to me….top tier athletes absolutely have to talk and walk a bit differently. Honestly, any top performer in any field has to have a bit of swag to them. They have to think highly of themselves and their ability or they wouldn’t make it. In this era of coaching from the couch everyone has an opinion, everyone has a voice. In order to truly grow into who you are supposed to be, you have to silence the inner and outer critic.

Richardson and many other dominate female athletes are often called too masculine, their enthusiasm for their sport a bit “too much” and their confidence seen as arrogance. Add to that mixture of race and you have the proverbial perfect storm of sexism and racism. The stigma of reefer madness was high (pun intended) over the last few weeks, which again I found odd with all the marijuana businesses that have been founded over the last few years as well as the laxing marijuana laws, I was sure the attitude towards this plant were changing.

While, I get some points regarding use and employment (or sports) and how one should and cannot use in certain jobs and how it is banned from use for olympic athletes….I’m torn on the just utter vehemently “disgusted” Americans at her choice to use. I read there’s better coping mechanisms for grief than marijuana…oh you mean like counseling???? Which usually has a waiting list of 60-90 days…if you have insurance…longer if you don’t.

It’s annoying to have people use their own grieving scenarios to one up someone else as well. Well my “so and so” died and I didn’t use marijuana to cope. Good for you! Did you use shopping? Or sex? Or alcohol? Emotional overeating?…or did you shut down emotionally and pushed through? Just because someone does not grieve the way we would ..doesn’t mean it’s not the way they should. There could be 30 people to lose a mother and they would grieve and feel differently 30 different ways.

Richardson did not make excuses she said what happened, did treatment and awaited the results. At 21! You’re just stepping into who you will be at 21 and truthfully, I’m not the same person I was a decade ago.

I hope you extend grace to yourself, even if the world does not. As a self-care and wellness advocate, the best thing to do after a bad decision is to 1)own it but don’t let it define you 2) extend extra kindness to yourself 3) surround yourself with a good and uplifting tribe 4) rinse and repeat.

be gentle with yourself this week ❤️

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