Journey to 40-Entry 1

I have left pivoting with purpose a bit empty, but I promise I have been working on other ventures. I have been diligently working on getting my (soon-to-be) non-profit off the ground with my best friend. Yes, I have a therapist, is a brainchild project to promote wellness for black women and it’s been my baby since 2018. Pivoting With Purpose, does have purpose (no pun intended) as well but I believe I just got a bit overwhelmed by all the other things in life that have become distractions.

Good things can distract you from great, and I do believe PWP is a great venture and adventure in my life, so here I am again. This time for accountability purposes, I thought I would share my self-coaching journey here. I am about 4.5 years away from a milestone birthday-40. For my 40th, I want to achieve certain goals. One goal is to really make PWP a thriving coaching business.

In order to do that, I must tell people I exist. I must find, explore and promote my identity. To do that… I need to be fully myself. I can’t be anything else. These beautiful photos you see-represent me 30-40% of the time. I am a real wife & mother & woman and that doesn’t always look like the pictures. I know how to deal in realities. and I want to show you how I overcome to get PWP where I know God has called it to be.

Move with Intention,


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