Journey to 40-Entry 2

Hola Pivoters!

Happy Tuesday, No your eyes do not deceive you, I actually have done back-to-back blogs! We last left our heroine, she admitted she left this page dusty and decided to use the next 4.5 years to focus on her coaching business. I am doing this for me and you. I want to motivate you to begin evaluating where you are and where you want to go.

I hope that you were able to look at some of your goals last week and create a plan for success. This week my focus is on the action part of the goal. Are you like me, a recovering perfectionist? Meaning you have a plan for the plan that has a back-up plan for the other plan?

If so lean in close…..

That was for both of us. Excuses are barriers to real movement and success. So, you might be asking, Renee` what did you do for movement this week? I am so glad you asked. I continued with my five minute coaching videos on IG. If you missed the last two follow here. I also talked with my husband about partnering with him to work with some of his fitness clients (remember people have to know you exist) and I was more purposeful with my time. I have a regular 9-to-5 as well and I want to be sure that I am not overextending myself.

This week I want you to reframe those excuses and come up with realistic solutions. If your problem is you need a million dollars by Friday and you have a negative .25 in your account currently…that is not realistic goal my friend. But if your goal is to get your account out of the negative by Friday (payday) and put $5 into a savings account-that might be more reasonable. If you have only told your best friends about your new business, maybe find spaces (networking and other events like my wellness event) to begin promoting yourself. Make sure the goal is challenging, but not impossible, attainable but not too easy. It’s ok to feel uncomfortable that is the space for growth.

Side note, a million dollars is my magic solve everything amount of money in my life, what’s yours?

Move with intention,


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