Journey to 40- Entry 3

Well hello there, I missed last week, but I am coming at you with some hot fiya today…do people still say that? I don’t think they do, but I’m almost 40 so…who’s gonna check me?

For the month of August, I decided to join a 5 am prayer challenge…and the 5am part has been the challenge LOL, but in all seriousness that time in the prayer closet has brought up so many things that I don’t normally take the time out to consider.

Remember who you are….

Have you ever thought that the truest form of who you were meant to be was established when you were younger? I’ve been thinking about that alot lately, more so because I feel like while growing up we have such clear vision of who we are. We may not know exactly how to get to all those places that we dream of, but we do dream and it seems like so much potential is in front of us. As we age, I feel like we begin to feel like our options dwindle (and maybe that’s because we live in a youth focused society), but that really fell on me today while praying.

The topic of the devotional today was on identity. Which, ironically I made a new podcast on that yesterday evening (listen here). When I started thinking about the compromises I have made in my life (some necessary and some out of fear), I saw how I dishonored my true self. The self, that knew what she really wanted, but feared really moving forward. Let’s be honest, life can knock you down and humble you quick. So how do you heal spaces that you broke. We can break ourselves by not honoring what we know to be true. We break ourselves by trying to mold ourselves into a version that isn’t true. Over the next few entries, I’ll share how I am healing those broken space. The first step is forgiveness.

Pivot With Purpose,


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