Journey to 40-Entry 4

Hello Pivoters!

I am back with another tip on honoring yourself. In my last entry, I talked a bit about the revelation I received regarding how I had dishonored my true self and God-given intentions. This was a huge revelation, because sometimes we don’t know why we are feeling a soul ache until we really dig deep. For me, I’ve really been conditioned to be a caretaker and while this brings me great joy-it can also cause great imbalance in my life. Boundaries are vitally important in learning how to take care of yourself and when you grow up a caretaker that feeling of “letting someone down” is worse than running yourself into the ground. Having unrealistic goals and objectives can also lead you down a slipper slope of depression and despair.

So, how do you begin to forgive yourself? The first step is to acknowledge where you currently are and how you got there. Realizing that some of my current circumstances were due to decisions I made was initially very painful. I pride myself on having really good discernment, which is true, but I’ve been known to disregard that gnawing feeling to accommodate others. In the end, what I felt would happen-happens and I’m left doubly disappointed (in self and the circumstances). So, I had to apologize to myself for not trusting myself (sounds weird, I know), but just acknowledging that I know more than I think I do was powerful.

When you grow up in some instability it can be hard to trust yourself, or when people openly treat you like you can’t make good decisions you begin to believe you need others to validate what you want to do. While, I think having counsel is important, ultimately you have to be the one to stand by whatever decision it is for you to make. As I am beginning to own that one of my gifts is discernment, I can lean more heavily into who God created me to be and honor her. Honor the woman that was given a gift and hid it to appease others.

Move With Intention,


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