Entry 10- What is the destination?

How do you use your GPS? Are you one of those people that have the map pulled up and you follow along? Do you pull up the directions and read them for yourself? Or do you just let the voice guide you to your destination? Me-I am a read the directions kind of girl. I have severe trust issues with technology and always feel like I need to see exactly where I am going. I don’t trust just listening to the voice. What if I miss my turn? What if three miles down the road no one lets me over and I miss my turn? I am unsure why I have so much anxiety about missing my turn. Maybe it’s because I am a 1 on the enneagram and need things to be a certain way.

Whatever the reason, I tend to live my life that way as well. I work really hard to check and recheck myself. So I always feel like I have the “right” why of doing something. While I do believe there are certain aspects that should always be followed-there are times the area can be gray. I have really rigid beliefs some times and I have to remind myself to relax. Things will happen when they are supposed to. And some times things are time bound and that can’t be changed. Ask a mother who is anxiously awaiting her baby that final month. No matter how much walking-how many jalapenos you eat or how many railroad track you drive over-the baby will come when the baby wants to come. So will various opportunities. And just like the mother who has the nursery painted and crib ready, you too should prepare for whatever comes your way. When you’re prepared the opportunities will sometimes find you.

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