Letting things play out

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and even if you don’t celebrate the holiday I hope you were able to rest. During this time, I have been heavy in reflective mode. I have been really attempting to be still and to pray to seek God’s guidance. This has been a season of great emotional growth (which usually comes from some real pain).

This lead me to read II Chronicles 29:12- II Chronicles 31. Essentially Hezekiah becomes king and gets everyone to turn back to worshipping God. He tears down the altars to other gods and begins to restore the temple. He also gets everyone to repent and ask God to heal and forgive them-which God does. The very next chapter talks about how after the consecration and rededication-Judah is threaten with attack from the Assyrian King Sennacherib (Sin has replaced my brothers). While reading I was very perplexed-like God they turned away from their wrong ways. Why would He allow that to happen? As I kept reading, Sennacherib sent a messenger to taunt them, even in Hebrew-stating that no other god had saved anyone else and that their army would destroy God’s people. Instead- an angel comes and destroys the entire army and Sennacherib is killed by his own children. Sounds super dark- but it told me that everything is for God’s glory-even when it doesn’t make sense to us. The way the army was destroyed there was no doubting that it was God.

Sometimes as “smart” as I am and educated I can forget how God has done things in a way that I never imagined. Doors that were open or closed just in time. There was a time in which my family lost everything. It was a really stressful time, but when God restored it was amazing and done in away that only He could have done it.

As I move closer to 40, one of the things I am trying to learn how not lean into my own understanding

How are you moving in a way to let go and let God?

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