The fire is meant to refine not destroy

Happy Holiday Season,

I don’t know how 2022 treated you this year. I don’t know if she was kind and treated you with kid gloves or if she kept giving you gut punches off and on like a MMA fighter. Regardless of the way you were treated just know it wasn’t meant to destroy you. It may have felt like it. It may have even seemed like it, but here you are….still here. You may be bent a little lower- you may be a bit more skeptical of your position but you are still here.
I’ll be honest after 2020, I really felt (arrogantly)  God owed me some ease. I lost so much in 2020, so, so much. I just knew that it would be another lifetime before things got that hard again…. And God said aht aht aht. I was frustrated at what felt like every angle this year. I’ve had so many hard conversations. I’ve had to let people go and I’ve had to let people let me go. I’ve cried more this year.
..I’ve lost hope a lot. That’s hard to write as a person who has the mission of eradicating the “Superwoman Complex”, but they would indeed be me being the Superwoman if I wasn’t honest.
I’ve had to lean into God’s promises a lot this year and honestly I’m still waiting on some of them to be fulfilled. And that’s ok. It’s ok to not have everything that you put on your vision board to come together just as you envisioned. It takes a little bit of audacity to continue to dream and hope in this world. My hope is the audacity IS still there for you. Maybe some of your goals and aspirations will be manifested in a seed you plant in someone else…who knows? But I believe the fire you’ve endured was meant to refine you and not destroy you.
This song really spoke to me about my season.

Cheers to getting 2022 on outta here,


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