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The fire is meant to refine not destroy

Happy Holiday Season, I don’t know how 2022 treated you this year. I don’t know if she was kind and treated you with kid gloves or if she kept giving you gut punches off and on like a MMA fighter. Regardless of the way you were treated just know it wasn’t meant to destroy you.…

Letting things play out

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and even if you don’t celebrate the holiday I hope you were able to rest. During this time, I have been heavy in reflective mode. I have been really attempting to be still and to pray to seek God’s guidance. This has been a season…

Entry 10- What is the destination?

How do you use your GPS? Are you one of those people that have the map pulled up and you follow along? Do you pull up the directions and read them for yourself? Or do you just let the voice guide you to your destination? Me-I am a read the directions kind of girl. I…

Entry 9- Slow down

Happy November Pivoter! October had some where to be and went there. I am telling November to come on in, sit down and don’t touch anything! LOL But seriously October was hard. It ushered in some really odd feelings. Feelings of feeling behind. I have always prided myself on my work, on doing the work-the…


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