Hi, I’m Renee`, an agent for social change that emphasizes self-care, social justice & mental health advocacy.

I help women become intentional about pursuing and achieving their deferred dreams.

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About Me

Renee is a nonprofit professional that has been in the industry for 12 years. She is the co-founder of Yes I Have a Therapist (a wellness
advocacy group that centers the experiences of black women) and owner of HER Talks ( a weekly podcast centered on the experiences of motherhood,
entrepreneurship and life hacks). Renee believes that language (the ability to adequately express oneself) helps determine one’s perspective and ultimately their reality. She believes in positive communication being an effective way of sharing ideas and bringing people together. Renee resides in Jefferson County with her husband, 3 biological sons and stepson. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Auburn University
at Montgomery and received her dream degree, a master’s degree of social work from Alabama A&M.

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