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Hey Love! Welcome, welcome welcome! I am so happy you are here. Today is the day you decided to choose you and I am here to applaud you!

Nothing Changes Until Something Changes

Community (tribe)

I know the beauty of being in harmony with sisters. In college I created a Bible study group that turned into life-long friendships, before this time I believed that women could not be friends. This group entitled Heavenly Inspired Sisters (HIS) became the blueprint in which I would build and filter other friendships through. I believe this can and should be replicated and I want you to join me in creating this space. Are you looking for women you can pour into? Are you looking for a safe space to grow? Join our PWP Tribe!


August 2022, Pivoting with Purpose will host courses on how to fight burn-out and identify practical self-care routines. Depression and burnout can cause physical illness and I myself have experienced the physical consequences of not taking my care seriously. I had to learn how to put myself first and fight to save myself…and now I am her to teach you how to do this as well.


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Renee is a phenomenal coach . She truly holds space for you in her sessions and provides such a safe environment to be vulnerable . Renee has continually encouraged me to be gently with myself and in between sessions she has provided resources to help me with accountability. . Her work with me has made a huge impact and helped me in all of my relationships , both professional and personal . Renee is investing in my healing and that has meant the world to me! 

Gem C.

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