How did I get here?

What was my place for pivoting?

I am here, because I have been right where you are. Standing right here in your shoes, wanting more from my life, but unsure how to make that shift….how to pivot. In 2016, I had been working in a toxic work enviornment for almost three years. I felt chained to the job because I knew my family needed two-incomes to run smoothly. I had a 19 month old, and two six year olds. My husband’s job could not cover all of our needs, so I stuck with the job…until I had a panic attack. The panic attack was my sign. When I went to the doctor, he began to prescribe me medication for me to take to deal with my stress. I am not against medication, but I realized the true source of my mental anguish was not an imbalance internally, but externally. I needed to quit my job. I put in my two-week notice with no other job lined up and trusted God to make a way. He did…but I never forgot the overwhelming feeling of feeling stuck, afraid and unsure. I just knew I couldn’t stay in that state any more. While your situation might not be employment related-you must feel a tugging in your heart for more. You have stumbled across pivoting with purpose-for a purpose. I welcome you,

Taking the first step is the scariest, but also the most liberating. Allow yourself to fully engage in the life you want & desire

Renee’ N. Smith